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Google Ads Management

For some businesses, a successful Google Ads (f.k.a. Adwords)campaign can be game-changing, but many business owners find the setup and management to be daunting and tedious. Furthermore, careful monitoring and management of your campaigns can greatly improve your cost-per-click and more importantly, your cost per acquisition! Julia is Google Ads Certified and would love to manage your campaign so you can focus on your business.

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Marketing & Outreach

We can help you develop and implement a marketing strategy or an outreach plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Our focus is on digital marketing, but we can also see the value in a diversity of tactics – whether it be networking, events, print ads, etc.

Marketing isn’t only about “promoting” yourself. It’s also about letting the world know who you are and what you do! Some businesses would benefit from reaching the largest possible number of potential customers. For others, it’s all about finding the right customers. Tell us about your organization or business, and we’ll help you take the right steps to accomplish your goals.

Web Design

Your site is your home in the online world, an address where people can get in touch, learn about you, and purchase your products or services. If you don’t yet have an Internet presence, let us create a site that is as impressive as your business! We are currently building Squarespace and WordPress websites with our fantastic creative partners. Contact us to schedule a free discovery meeting and explore the possibilities.

SEO: Redirects & Broken Links

Sometimes our work is all about cleaning up messes. If not done right, a website redesign can spell disaster and cause your site to plummet in the search rankings! This is because you must be very careful to ensure that your urls don’t change or that the correct redirects are set up for every page of your site.

But what can you do when it’s too late? If you find yourself with a crisis of broken links on your hands, we can help you pick up the pieces and map those links to the correct pages on your new site with redirects to eliminate those 404 errors!

SEO: Keyword Research & Content Strategy

Looking to rank higher on Google, build your brand, and connect with your customers? You should consider content marketing and build a successful blog to drive business. We’ll do a deep dive into the most relevant, valuable and appropriate keywords to incorporate into your website text and suggest topics for you to explore. If you prefer to outsource your blog writing, we can help arrange that as well.

Paid Social Media Marketing

No matter how much we may rue the dominance of social media in today’s culture, we cannot ignore it’s effectiveness as a tool for businesses. We have seen excellent results with a combination of paid and organic social media marketing efforts. We are particularly good at creating successful Facebook Ad campaigns, but we can also coach you in how to to harness the power of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to accomplish your goals.

Ecommerce Configuration

We love, love, love working with ecommerce and we can support you every step of the way. You supply the unique product or brand, we supply the expertise to promote, sell and ship your product to customers on the national and international market. We have experience with a wide variety of ecommerce platforms, but we are currently only accepting jobs that deal primarily with WooCommerce and Squarespace. Wheelhorse Web can help you configure and troubleshoot shipping, payments, subscriptions, and more in your existing store. If you’re looking to build or redesign an ecommerce shop, try us at Trifecta Web.


For those of you with low budgets and big ambitions, consider web tutoring and tech support. For the tech-savvy and naturally curious users out there, we are your go-to for all manner of website questions, mysteries, frustrations and glitches. This service works great as a motivating and accountability strategy too – just schedule a short consultation once a month and we’ll give you homework to complete in between meetings. If you hit a snag, shoot us an email and we’ll help you get past it.

Julia  is responsive and easy to work. Having a small biz means you need to ramp up your expertise in so many areas of business. Julia has enabled me, with our small budget, to have a behind-the-scenes tech person ensuring our ecommerce, Mailchimp, various apss & social are integrated and working smoothly which is a great relief when you cannot do it all.

-Jen Daniels
Meristem Farms
St Albans, VT