We’ve moved but we’re still serving clients in all of Vermont.
Here’s the story:

Ever since Wheelhorse Web opened our doors back in 2016, we have been based in the Northeast Kingdom and we thoroughly enjoyed our tenure at the Hardwick Inn office. However, sadly, this month marked the end of an era. We will now be based at the Local 64 coworking space in downtown Montpelier. Major thanks to Mac Nurse and Flipped Vermont for being such great collaborators and office mates! The NEK still holds a special place in our heart, but our involvement in the Heart of Vermont BNI chapter has been a big part of our business as well, and eventually it became impractical for us to stay put. Our sister business Vermont Device Clinic will continue to offer cell phone repair in the Newport area, but Julia will be refocusing her efforts as a full-time web designer and digital marketing consultant at Wheelhorse Web, joining the ranks of Vermont web design agencies.

What will be the same?

All of our services and pricing are the same. We still offer in-person and remote tech support, web design, web development, social media management, ppc and Google Ads management, etc. We have the same team and same email and phone number.

What will be different?

When we were based in Hardwick, our policy for on-site consultation was to bill for hours spent traveling. Since we are now using a coworking space (with privately meeting space) as our HQ, we do not charge for travel time. However, we do require that the total travel time (from downtown Montpelier or downtown Plainfield) not exceed the billable meeting time. Our new payments address is a P.O. box in Plainfield, VT and we will be sending out that information shortly.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the new location!