Let’s Make Website Work Make Sense

Introducing Retainer Plans for WordPress Maintenance and Tech Support

We are rethinking the way we handle ongoing website requests. Why? Well, we’ve been in the website trenches for over five years now, and we’re seeing some patterns emerge in our client interactions. You are not 100% clear about what actually goes into implementing your digital marketing strategy, and you’re stressed about the budget. We do not want to contribute to your stress, and we want to be a driving force in your success and we want you to enjoy working with us. Through many hours of research and consideration, we’ve developed a new model for our ongoing clients based on our core principles of mutuality, consistency and optimizing for value. More on those concepts later but first, a quick rundown of what we’re offering:

Marketing and Maintenance Retainers

We are rolling out a new retainer plan format. From the outset, we will work with you to assess your situation and determine the appropriate budget, matching you to one of our plan levels which range from $95-$1495/month. You are free to change your plan level every quarter if you like, but we ask for some advanced notice on changes so that we can manage our resources effectively. 



Optimizing for Value